Yunnan is a place in China that you must visit. You may come across this statement multiple times but do you know the reasons supporting this grand statement? Keep reading to get better insight into this province of China. 

An Introduction to Yunnan

Yunnan is a southwestern province of China, known for its majestic landscapes, rich culture, and remarkable biodiversity. If you want to explore the snow-capped mountains on one side and towns with lush green landscapes on the other side, this province won't disappoint you. Some of its spectacular attractions include the Shangri-La Alpine Garden, Napa Hai Nature Reserve, Gaoligong Mountains, Yingjiang, and so on. 

But these are not the only reasons to explore the place. Read further about them in detail. 

Why Should You Add Yunnan to Your Bucket List?

Yunnan can be your dream destination, especially if you want a wildlife or bird watching tour in China. Let's know why!

  1. Birdwatching: Are you a bird lover? If yes, you can think about Yunnan birding tours. It welcomes all bird lovers to explore these colorful species. You can study the behavior, habits, and unique characteristics of the avian creatures and gain more knowledge about the feathered friends. Top Yunnan tour organizers plan a classic Yunnan birding tour for almost 16 days. But if you can't manage a long holiday, you can even go on a birding tour in Zixi Mountain & Kunming for 3-4 days. 
  2. Wildlife exploration: Even, if you have a separate fan base for wild animals, you can visit Yunnan. From Shangri-La to Lhasa, you can come across various wild species. These involve the extraordinary Black Snub-nosed Monkey, Skywalker Hoolock Gibbon, Bengal Slow Loris, and many more. You can even check out some natural reserves to learn more about such unique creatures. Don't miss out on capturing these beautiful mammals in your lens. It will be an added advantage to your Yunnan vacation. 
  3. Cultural beauty: Besides, Yunnan is one of the most culturally diverse provinces in China. You can discover its cultural richness during its festivals, in traditional cuisine and lifestyle. If you are excited to witness the diverse landscapes and cultures, Yunnan can be the right destination to set off. 
  4. Yunnan cuisine: Coming to Yunnan cuisine, their food is rich with unique flavors. Their signature ingredients include wild mushrooms, vegetables, and spices. Whatever recipe they prepare, the food will be rich with wild ingredients. Some popular dishes in this province are - Steam Pot Chicken, Crossing the Bridge Noodles, Wild Mushroom Hot Pot, etc.  

Last Thoughts

Visiting Yunnan in China will be a breathtaking journey providing a captivating memory to cherish forever. So, are you excited to fly to this place? Whether you want a birding tour, wildlife tour, or a cultural journey, you can choose this destination and have a different experience all throughout. 

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